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Photo listing: general sign/notices (event)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 30 kilometres of the centre of Assen.
Go to the national CycleStreets photo listings for photos beyond.

Contraflow towards Kings Cross station - except that it's closed at the moment for demolition/building work

[Image taken 22.7.23] Deangate, York. Context: #195926. A great improvement on the usual: "Avoid the area." Though still not quite the 'join in' message and nudging wording I'd like: "Sunday 6 August roads closed. Use public transport, … [more]

Welcome to Huddersfield

The Tour de France will start from Annemasse in two weeks' time!

9 weeks from the start of April? - it's now the end of June. And this is what they call a fast-track project.

Useful signs rather spoilt by the waiting truck

Message on the towpath

Message on the Chisholm Bridge.

A high quality cycling hub is promised for Leeds in 2025.

Baghdati Cycle Fest 2023, Georgia

Signs for The Camden Clean Air Cycle Ride.

Sign for The Camden Clean Air Cycle Ride.

Cyclists Dismount sign where an improved cycleway/greenway is being constructed.

With cyclists able to get through many road closures, @OxfordshireCC has now adapted its signs to show when this is permitted and possible. @cycloxoxford @CUKOxfordshire @activetravelcaf @RantyHighwayman

Despite plenty of notices warning that this section of the maintenance track is closed at the time the photo was taken it was being well used when I went along. This section of the busway track itself remains closed and fenced off, and … [more]

Short asphalted diversion for construction of Cambridge South station, with the inevitable Cyclists Dismount sign - no-one does unless there's a crowd of pedestrians there.

Sign warning of two-week closure of the cycle lane over the next 1.5km

Cycling and wine-tasting event - a perfect combo!

Reach Ride 2023 poster

Sale in Trafford near Mancheter . Correct sign for roadworks here . " Narrow Lanes do not overtake cyclists "

North Oxford corridor The never-ending roadworks north of Oxford have a name and a purpose, it seems.

[Image taken 8.2.23] Minster Yard (Deangate end), York. An 'avenue' of warning notices has been installed ahead of an event. [Event underway see: #191130.] This is a shared use (non motorised users) space. I feel it works well usually. (I … [more]

[UPDATE: 2.2.23 Ref 'who is the gap for?' A reply from the utilities company says: "I can confirm that it was agreed with the council to allow cyclists to access as well as pedestrians." I will thank them then try to find out who to thank … [more]

New streetscape being installed - Grand'Rue closed except to pedestrians and cyclists

I'm never sure what this means - is there access or not? I'm sure there is for cycles.

[UPDATE: On 23.1.23 this sign had gone and there were works on the cycle way as far as the entrance to the building site (former Nestle factory) so the only space for all non-motorised users was on the pedestrian side (ie on the left on … [more]

New bridge construction across the river, to replace the existing (and dangerous) bridge slightly to the south. Expected to be open June 2023.

Temple Gate 'improvements' - causing diversion via very narrow footway, see #188579.

Display of cycling books in a bookshop window, Dijon

Cycleway changed due to roadworks, Lyon Part-Dieu station

Temporary sign - No Entry except buses and cycles

Another temporary No Cycling sign, Memmingen - I don't know what these are about.

No Motor Vehicles Saturdays after 14.00 and Sundays and holidays - and a temporary sign which doesn't make much sense

temporary No Cycling sign, Memmingen

Open air bar, bikes welcome, it seems

temporary No Cycling sign, possibly linked to the wedding group outside Memmingen town hall.

No Entry, No contraflow cycling

Except Cyclists plate needed.

[Image taken 10.11.22] Ratcliffe Street, junction with Haughton Road, York. Context and links: #187653. Other image today and links: #187649.

Brochure for cycling exhibition at the Graz Museum

Different words for the bicycle in a cycling exhibition at the Graz Museum

Map of planned cycle routes in a cycling exhibition at the Graz Museum

The development of cycle infrastructure in Graz, in a cycling exhibition at the Graz Museum

E-bike festival, Verbier

Cycling down this hill is dangerous

World Bike Day - bike repairs and trials of inclusive cycles at the Gare d'Austerlitz, Paris

But this is a contraflow lane - there is no traffic lane for cyclists to merge into!

[Image taken on 4.5.22] Bootham Terrace, York. Tree cutting alongside the York-Scarborough rail line today, Thursday and Friday. No sign providing that information but many people on hand to answer questions and provide directions. Such as: … [more]

[UPDATE: Late May 2022, CYC removed this.] [Image taken on 4.5.22] Royal Mail sorting office, Leeman Road/Esplanade, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] A ghost sign and sandbag. (It used to be here: #173197.) Unsightly, a trip … [more]

Toads - crossing Dusk til Dawn

Notice on a 4WD windscreen, claiming to have let air out of a tyre (they looked normal to me) because it's a gas-guzzler. This is dangerous and foolish, in my opinion.

Temporary closure - not a pop-up Covid-19 measure, but roadworks. No problem for cyclists, despite the sign being right on top of the cycle symbol.

Notice of changes to cycle parking at Kings Cross station (a couple of months old)

Funny old world - no barrier was needed between busway and cycleway, but now that this side of the busway is closed a barrier is needed. But it's blown over. And apparently it's meant to be in North Yorkshire.

Temporary closure on 4/2/22

The footpath on the right was closed but the one on the left wasn't, in fact I didn't even have to dismount.

Roadworks - beware of pedestrians in what looks like a cycle lane.

Makeshift sign, felt marker on polystyrene board (erk), warns of ICE! and tells for cyclists to dismount.

Hmm - these bikes should have been removed by now to allow an event to take place.

I'm not sure whether this really meant No traffic at all except to the Covid-19 vaccination site (now closed).

Please Dismount Your Scooter or Bike

Temporary signage to "No Entry"!

[UPDATE See: #175352] [Image taken 22.10.21] Aldwark, junction with St Andrewgate, York. Context and other image here today: #175212 and links. Other images today: #175211 and links

[UPDATE See: #175354] [Image taken 22.10.21] Aldwark, junction with St Andrewgate, York. Not clear if cyclists, pedestrians or wheelchair users will be able to use the route during the closure. This is a critical link for people on cycles … [more]

The COP26 diversion route goes from Castlebank Street to Beith Street along the narrow remote footway, which has been signed as shared use.

Is this sign meant to be in use?

Well illustrated deviation for cyclists and walkers.

[Image taken 10.8.21] Haxby Road, York. Surely this should read, 'Be aware of cyclists.' I'm also at a loss to explain the missing 'g' on the last word. Other image today see: #173118

[Image taken 30.7.21] Wellington Row, York. Yet another fallen/redundant sign on this Environment Agency-signposted diversion route ('wellingtonrowesplanadelivediversion') the day before a weekend. All images today: #172716 and links

[Image taken 20.7.21] Memorial Gardens/Leeman Road, York. Sign now realigned - one I could actually reach and do myself. Compare with #171371. All images here today: #172324 and links

[Image taken 20.7.21] Memorial Gardens/Leeman Road, York. Compare with: #171372. Other images today: #172321 and links

Cycle-friendly improvements coming on Paternoster Row, Sheffield

Two metres is the length of a tandem. Good to know.

Pop-up road closure in Bristol

Update: Sign on ground 8.7.21: #171575. The message visible on the sign: #171576. [Image taken 5.7.21] York rail station fallen sign. So it's not doing its job and it is creating a hazard. [Please note: no streetview at this location.] … [more]

End of Cycle Route? I guess it is, for a while.

Problems with the school run, I suspect.

A letter to Newnham residents from the Lib Den councillors - the petition against removing car parking at the start of Grantchester Meadows will be considered by the county council, so there will be no changes before 27 July.

Hoarding marking the invention of the safety bicycle in Coventry in 1885.

Notice of the county council's plans to close the car parking at the north end of Grantchester Meadows, and a petition against it.

Information on the Aurrigo autonomous vehicle trails on the West Cambridge site

[Update: This was removed early August 21.] [Image taken 19.6.21] Station Road/Rougier Street/Tanner's Moat junction, York. Freestanding signage for temporary works seems to create more issues (such as being an eyesore as here) than it … [more]

Poster for the Haydon Hundred Cyclo Sportive

[Image taken 9.6.21] Skeldergate, York. I noticed this sign today. Perhaps because the street was quiet so I could look ahead? And because my eye naturally followed the vehicles ahead? I can't read the yellow sign in the background in the … [more]

[Update see: #169769] [Image taken 26.5.21] Marygate car park, York. "Intermittent footpath closure" notice with dates 1-22 June and map. These ad hoc notice details are now also on a signpost. In the absence of a noticeboard this is a … [more]

[Image taken 26.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Ad hoc notices explaining the reason for the works compound (right) and notice of closure of the riverside route on certain dates in June 2021 (left). Other noticeboard images here today: … [more]

[Image taken 25.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Drivers see this digital display when leaving. It is still telling them when works will start (10 May), a reason: Environment Agency works, and an effect: the car park will have reduced … [more]

[Image taken 25.5.21] Marygate car park, York. People arriving by car have access to help/a human. When I was taking this photo and: #169687 a voice came out of the box between the barriers and asked if I needed assistance. People on the … [more]

[Image taken 21.5.21] Marygate carpark, York. Location of one of the signs explaining the reason for the changes here. No maps of the area with warnings about other flood works along the Ouse that might well affect people parking here, or … [more]

[Image taken 21.5.21] Royal Mail sorting office/West Esplanade, York. The small green sign saying Talk to us, we'll listen with the Samaritans number appeared on the upright of this signpost this week. A literal sign of the times during the … [more]

Yeah, we have no problem with cars, farm machinery, lawn mowers l, shotguns and the like, but hearing #cyclists chatting to each other really boils our piss.

[UPDATE: The floodgates have been replaced. The route re-opened 19.11.21] [Image taken 13.5.21] Tanner's Moat, York. This is the only explanation of the works around replacing the floodgates under Lendal Bridge I saw ahead of works starting … [more]

[Image taken 2.5.21]. Wellington Row, Lendal Bridge, Tanner's Moat side, York. Sign alerting people the road will close. Other image here today: #168189 and links.

[Image taken 2.5.21]. Wellington Row, Lendal Bridge - Esplanade side, York. Sign alerting people the road will close though not saying why or how long for. (The cafe - the Perky Peacock and the steep steps to/from Lendal Bridge see: #168191 … [more]

The reconstruction of Potsdam - two facsimile buildings, cycle parking, and a hoarding showing that the new city centre will be cycle-friendly.

[Image taken 21.4.21] Terry Avenue, York. Well, where else would you put your cycles while you enjoy a picnic with a friend in the sun? Less funny are the plans for Terry Ave. I asked someone walking here today if he knew when it would … [more]

"Cyclists Dismount And Use Footway" - the Sighthill diversion route appears to have been signed along the footway of various roads, none of which are actually signed as being shared use, so why dismount here?

Cyclists Dismounts sign at temporary access arrangements and path - but cycling isn't allowed here anyway.

I think this means that pedestrians and cyclists are sharing the same space for about ten metres - but it shouldn't be necessary to dismount.

Cyclists Please Obey Traffic Signals - motor vehicles are still turning across Histon Road

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