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Photo listing: obstructions (event)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 30 kilometres of the centre of Assen.
Go to the national CycleStreets photo listings for photos beyond.

A wheelie bin left in the unfinished cycleway in Byres Road, and some double parking.

[Image taken 24.11.23] Railway Walk, looking towards the junction with Marygate Lane, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location. Position approximate.] These diversion signs too have been picked up and reinstated. (Context: #198758, … [more]

[Image taken 24.11.23] Railway Walk, looking towards the junction with Marygate Lane, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] (Part of the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park cycle route improvements scheme: #177537.) The diversion … [more]

[Image taken 23.11.23] Crichton Avenue (close to junction with Denning’s Yard access - right, and Wigginton Road - ahead), York. Note the vehicle is parked over the bi-directional cycle symbols. Other image here today and links: #199482.

[Image taken 23.11.23] Crichton Avenue (close to junction with Denning’s Yard access), York. A vehicle is parked on the shared use route. It’s just this side of the blind bend, on a steep incline. As I was taking photos someone who said he … [more]

'Once in a decade' flooding in York, for the second time in a month.

This path was still closed at both ends yesterday morning (7 Oct 2023)

Route closed by construction of Cambridge South station

[Image taken 21.9.23] Cocoa Gardens, Wigginton Road, York. Are these works connected with the flooding here #195254 earlier this year? [CYC reply: 26.9.23 "Thank you for your enquiry with regards to the entrance/exit to the Cocoa Works on … [more]

Tuk-tuk dropping passengers in the cycle lane on the Pont Alexandre III, Paris

[NOTE: On 17.7.23 I saw the obstruction here had been cleared.] [Image taken 9.7.23] Marygate Lane, (northern end of Marygate car park), York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] There wasn’t any advance notification this NMU route … [more]

A notorious fence in the very heart of Copenhagen has been taken down after the Danish high court has ruled that a housing association doesn’t have the right to fence against public access to the waterfront. 📷 Kristian Koed Hansen … [more]

[Image taken 11.3.23] Hungate Development, Palmer Street junction with Navigation Road. This motorcycle is stopped on a blind corner. Context and link: #191953.

[Image taken 11.3.23] Hungate Development, Palmer Street junction with Navigation Road. A delivery driver with an Uber Eats box has stopped and left his motorcycle on: - a blind corner (see: #191954) note the mirror on the wall close to it, … [more]

Large puddle on Mill Road / Hope Street Traffic sprays water over the footway. Reported to Cambridgeshire Highways 10th March 2023, awaiting ref.

Crashed car has been abandoned and is completely blocking A38 Cycle Lane in Edgbaston. No police or police cordon. @WMPolice @A38Cycleway

[Image taken 20.2.23] Library Square, York. Two Fox Group ( vehicles obstruct access to/from the racks and between the cycle parking and the entrance to the library. Other image today and links: #191249.

Lunchtime streetfood market on the Tabard St cycleway [also visible on Google StreeView]

A bit of a blockage at the renaming ceremony for the Equiano Bridge (#187356), although through passage was maintained throughout for pedestrians and cyclists.

[Image taken 25.10.22] Railway Walk, Marygate car park, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] No explanations in situ. This was in the Press today: … [more]

[Image taken 10.9.22] Terry Avenue (Millennium Bridge/Butcher Terrace end), York. [Note: No street view at this location.] The shared use route is not yet fully open. Context and links: #186099.

[Image taken 23.7.22] York Racecourse, York. [NOTE: No street view here] It's a race day ( so cyclists and pedestrians had to wait for the horses to cross the route before we could continue. Other image today and … [more]

“None shall pass”

[Image taken 23.4.22] Haughton Road (northern end), York. This Northern Gas Networks sign was obstructing the pavement (and must have been doing so even before it fell). It was light enough for me to move (see: #181993). Other images … [more]

The new cycleway on the edge of Canterbury currently ends in a construction site with footpaths ahead across a heath

When your bike ride to the new City Hall goes wrong… towpath gated shut at Cody Dock. This can’t be right, surely? ⁦@willnorman⁩ Note added by Simon September 2023: Video explaining the mathematics of the Cody Dock … [more]

[Image taken 23.2.22] View from the eastern end of the Millennium Bridge looking towards a flooded New Walk, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] To reach the Hospital Fields Road branch of Cycle Heaven ( … [more]

[Image taken 23.2.22] Looking northbound into Rowntree Park from the end of Millennium Bridge, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] The Environment Agency’s Reducing Your Flood Risk sign remains visible above the high levels of the … [more]

[Image taken 23.2.22] Looking southbound from the Rowntree Park end of Millennium Bridge, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] The cycle-ped-wheelchair users' route disappears into the flooded Ouse. Other image this issue here … [more]

[Image taken 22.2.22] Rawcliffe, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] The rain and snow from storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin means high water levels in York. This is the access to NCN65. There’s a cattle grid under the water on … [more]

Why not just stop on a main road to let your passengers out?

[UPDATE: 1.2.22 I saw the compound/fencing had gone.] [Image taken 27.1.22] Marygate carpark/Frederic Street junction with Marygate Lane, York. Context: #178222 and links.

Car parking spaces given up for cycle parking - and then taken over by a film crew.

[Image taken 18.1.22] The Stonebow, York. The crossing in both directions over The Stonebow is not easy for people on cycles, on foot, in wheelchairs/other mobility aids. The addition of the posts adds complications. Defensive retrofitting … [more]

Bollards blamed by BBC

Only one usable gap remains in the closure of Kelvin Way for cycling through. This makes it difficult to turn into Kelvin Way from University Avenue.

[UPDATE: Aldwark is open again.] [Image taken 9.11.21]. St Andrewgate junction with Aldwark, York. The permeable junction (filtered permeability via bollards for people on cycles, foot, wheelchairs) is closed for works. There's no evidence … [more]

The COP26 fence completely obstructs the riverside path that forms part of the Kelvin Walkway, and although there is a gate and it is open, it opens onto the remaining width of the path blocking it.

A fence has been built all around the Kelvingrove Art Gallery for the COP26 event. It blocks the footway (the one that might be shared-use due to the one-way carriageway) and the gate only opens across the carriageway,

Gas main works next to Addenbrookes - Great Shelford Cycle path. It says the footway is closed, but nothing about the cyclepath, which is blocked for 50% of its width by barriers which have been blown over by the wind. Fallen barriers … [more]

Barriers near the Cadent gas main works on Addenbrookes - Great Shelford Cycleway blown over and blocking cycleway. There is a small sandbag threaded through every sixth barrier but that didn't work!

The pop-up cycle lane at Lancefield Quay is now being used for signage. The signs include "CYCLISTS" is very small print.

The pop-up cycle lane at Lancefield Quay is now being used for signage.

The Ferry Road dropped kerb (see #175002) did not stay clear for long. Again, materials dumped partly obstructing users of this dropped kerb.

Temporary signs obstructing the northern end of the Benalder Street cycleway. Still no progress to report on the installation of traffic signals implied by the stopline and pedestrian crossing studs, or how the cycleway ties into the road … [more]

[UPDATE: Measurements between the bollards see: #174635] [Image taken: 1.10.21] Aldwark, junction with St Andrewgate, York. Disappointing that someone displaying a blue badge parks so close to a junction with filtered permeability. Compare … [more]

[Image taken 7.9.21] Marygate car park/Railway Walk, York. [Note: No streetview at this location.] The route for all users (not simply pedestrians as the sign says) is blocked. Same issue different location: #173867. The reason this is a … [more]

Motor traffic blocked from north and south because white van man (l'homme de la camionette blanche) wanted to reverse into the cycleway for a delivery.

[Update: the scaffolding has been removed.] [Image taken 13.8.21] Tanner Row, York, looking towards Wellington Row. Other image here today: #173199 and links

[Update: The scaffolding has gone.] [Image taken 13.8.21] Tanner Row, York, looking towards Rougier Street. A problem for pedestrians and cyclists when repairs are needed to buildings on narrow streets with narrow pavements and narrow … [more]

Green strip cycleway missing parts, as well as being poorly implemented and signed, and blocked by scaffolding without any warning or diversion. Dropped kerb blocked by parked van.

Flooding on Cornwall's Coast-to-Coast Trail after Storm Evert - I rode through but got my shoes wet.

[More recent image: #172711] [Image taken 28.7.21] Tanner's Moat, York. 16.30-ish and at the works compound behind me looked as if everyone had left. So I lugged the signs, the sandbags and the cone out the way. They are very heavy but … [more]

The crossings at the Old Dumbarton Road/Benalder Street junction still await raised carriageways, so these two had to bump the kerb in order to join the cycleway. UPDATE: This issue has now been resolved, see #175144.

[Image taken 23.7.21] Londis, Haxby Road junction with White Cross Road, York. The man in the doorway came out to see what I was taking photos of (see: #172424, #172425, #172426, #172427). I had tried to close the door myself but it the … [more]

[Image taken 20.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] One of two barricades that have, it appears, been abandoned. They have been moved around. The sandbags and the feet are trip hazards. The black bag is … [more]

[Image taken 11.7.21] Station Road, York. The clutter and confusion resulting from the plethora of diversion signs for the Wellington Row Esplanade live diversion for the flood gates under Lendal Bridge (search on … [more]

[Image taken 7.7.21] Hazelnut Grove, York. What possible explanation can there be? Other images today see: #171490 and links

[Image taken 7.7.21] West Esplanade/Esplanade car park/Memorial Gardens, York. This driver was on the clearly marked ‘keep clear’ area. Doors on both sides of the large vehicle were wide open. A constant stream of people on cycles was … [more]

Comprehensively blocked bus and cycle lane. The truck did move fairly soon.

Update: On 30.6.21 this sign was upright again and in its original location. Update: at 15.30 on 28.6.21 it was still where I had leant it against the wall. [Image taken 27.6.21] Leeman Road, York. This sign from the … [more]

Otherwise fairly traffic-free route blocked by building work.

Too bad they couldn't leave a gap for cycles and wheelchairs too.

[See later image: #170488.] [Image taken 10.5.19] York rail station. The barriers make access to and the exit from the station (and through it) difficult, uncomfortable, stressful. People cannot more through in their natural (social or … [more]

[Update: New barrier. New image see: #171329] [Update 21.6.21. The barriers had gone.] [Image taken 19.6.21] York rail station. Cyclists dismount sign. There's no obvious reason for it. There's a map for cyclists on the left: larger … [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Station Road/Rougier Street/Tanner's Moat junction, York. The number of signs has reduced (see: #169525). But has one simply been moved? See: #170485. All images today: #170482 and links.

[Image taken 10.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Not doing its job. Damaged. A hazard. Clutter. Obstructing access to the cycle racks, the Tier scooter/cycle bays, the information totem. No contact information on the rear that I could see when I … [more]

[Image taken 9.6.21] Wellington Row, York. This barricade is being used to 'protect' ad hoc parking. But it is in a street with cones and temporary signage. It looks unprofessional. It looks like clutter. Is this the image the company wants … [more]

[Update: 21.6.21 The scaffolding has gone.] [Image taken 16.5.21] Station Road junction with Station Avenue, York. A fallen sign further reduces the width of the pavement and increases the obstructions (there are scaffolding poles) under … [more]

[Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. A fallen barricade had been blocking the entrance/exit to the car park for some days see: #168743. But what's to stop a driver of a small vehicle parking here and blocking it? See: #168796. All … [more]

Over the months this pop-up lane closure, which forced left-turning cyclists into the path of through traffic, has gradually moved to the left and is becoming less of a problem.

[Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The fence panel on the right had been blocking the route for some days. See #168742. All images this location today: #168788 and links.

[Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The fence panel on the left had blocked the route for some time. See #168741. All images this location today: #168793, #168795, #168796, #168797, #168798, #168799, #168801. The original route … [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Crichton Avenue roundabout (junction with Kingsway North), York. Second image of this vehicle here today: #168546.

[Image taken 6.5.21] Crichton Avenue roundabout (junction with Kingsway North, York). I was here at ‘schools out’ time. Children and families heading for home but sightlines on the footpath and the Orbital route … [more]

[Image taken 4.5.21] Wigginton Road, York. This is a continuation of caption: #168510 (and links). The driver realised s/he had made a mistake. But it wasn't the fouling of the ASL and therefore the blocking of anyone on a cycle in Bridge … [more]

[Image taken 4.5.21] Wigginton Road, York. The ASLs here are not 'nice to have' but critical for people on cycles exiting Bridge Lane using the cycle light: #167954. This driver blocked the entire ASL for the turning to Haxby Road. I was in … [more]

Entertaining - but what happens when a disabled driver turns up?

[Image taken 2.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The narrowness at the stretch is due to this compound. It's at the worst possible point. A slope links the bridge to the car park and a ped-cycle-wheelchair-hire scooter/hire cycle route passes … [more]

Temporary signs placed in cycle track, blocking the entire width, again.

[Image taken 29.3.21] Metal caging (see: #166421) makes the left turn into the popup, coned off, covid-19 corridor through Marygate car park, York even tighter. The route on the right is the original. See also: #157644

[Image taken 29.3.21] Cyclist who’s ridden from Bootham Terrace, though the rail underpass, entering Marygate car park, York. The metal caging surrounds works for electric charging bays for motor vehicles. See also: #166371

[Image taken 29.3.21] Metal caging (see: #166371) makes the left turn into the popup coned-off covid-19 corridor through Marygate car park, York even tighter. See also: #166371

This stretch of the fen has been flooded for over a month - there's a free-flowing stream to the right but somehow the cycle path seems to be an impermeable barrier to drainage.

[Image taken 25.2.21] A flooded New Walk, York. See also #164487, #164488

[Image taken 25.2.21] New Walk is on the opposite bank of the River Ouse to Terry Avenue. It was originally suggested as a viable alternative to it for the duration of the Clementhorpe flood defence works. However, the all-weather surface … [more]

Flooded path (cycles can pass) - this really should have been transformed into a modern cycleway before Eddington opened.

Flooding that has caused temporary closure of the NCN11 at Cambridge Road, Stapleford near the old railway bridge. The closure is due to flooding and if it lasts a week is likely to cost the County Council more than fixing the problem … [more]

Snakey Path blocked, but cleared a few days later at #161084

Access to protected cycle lane blocked by broken-down bus and recovery truck

Useful cut through temporarily closed, with explanatory note emphasising that it will re-open as soon as possible.

Marygate Car Park gained a 'popup' social distancing covid-19 corridor in summer 2020. It is coned off from the remaining parking area. It represents around 70 parking spaces. It enables users of a key route (two schools, the hospital, York … [more]

A pavement parked van is obstructing the path of a disabled man on a mobility scooter. We spoke to the driver and they finally shifted the van to give enough space, reluctantly, after several minutes of waiting. Lots of people were … [more]

1.12.20 at Monks Cross retail park two cars parked on cycle lane that runs around much of the perimeter of the site. See also #156553, #156554, #156555, #156556, #156557, #156626

Monks Cross retail centre the day before the second lockdown ended. Shops such as Boots and takeaways including Greggs were open. There were people on foot and on cycle. A small collection of 'seasonal' huts had appeared in one corner. I … [more]

Monks Cross (Huntington, York) retail area has a two-way cycle route around much of the perimeter. On Saturday 5 December 2020 it was blocked by a vehicle with a Santa and music. The only option was to go onto the 'road'. See also #156554, … [more]

Thanks to persistent work by a local campaigner, the obstruction (see #154442) has been eased by the removal of part of the barrier to the left.

The Dutch aren't perfect - obstructed cycle lane

The Friesenbrücke international railway bridge was destroyed by a ship in 2015. A replacement is due to finally open in 2024, with a 2.5m-wide foot/cycle path.

Urgent safety concerns see London's Hammersmith Bridge closed to cyclists and pedestrians #cycling Alternative routes: Reopened to pedestrians … [more]

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