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Why I am not in the bike lane👇 with a trailer and someone shouting out the window as they pass it didn't seem like a good idea to see if I could enter the lane again without touching a bollard or wee orca with one of my wheels or the bottom … [more]

How to light a park well … Finsbury Park tonight … Location not precisely known

To the person who went to all the trouble to put carpet grippers between the bollards on Goldsmith Row Hackney go f*ck yourself. Removed, despatched

Bristol is looking great and this is the best looking contraflow I have ever seen. Location inferred from clever shop name Tuk Tuck: … [more]

🛑 In a trial later this year, cars will be prevented from driving through a large area of Barton Hill, Redfield and St George. The plans have sparked passionate support and equally intense opposition in #Bristol. Here's the full story: … [more]

"Why don't cyclists use the cycle lanes?" Well, this, I kid you not, is the designated cycle lane on the busy A4074 between Wallingford & Benson. Narrow, overgrown, unpleasant and unsafe. Come on, @OxfordshireCC, we can do better than … [more]

Newhaven to the airport. Who will win? A 20x speedup video is shown at:

10x 🔴🚗 15x 🟡🚶🏿‍♂️ 28x 🟣🚴🏾‍♀️ 👇 Blackfriars bridge cycle lane carries 70% of the bridge's traffic in just 20% of the roadspace

Ireland’s first Dutch-style roundabout opened in Dublin 15! “The cycle-friendly roundabout ... is a first for Fingal, and for Ireland. This innovative layout separates cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles providing a dedicated space for … [more]

We made it into the Financial Times 🤗 Better deliveries. Better cities. We'll keep shouting it from the rooftops! P.S. We just had to have a scroll through the FT comment section, and this one was gold... #cargobikedeliveries #cargobikes … [more]

Huntingdon High Street - Can anyone explain what this sign means and when considerate people on wheels are welcome?

Starting to take shape now as the centre lines are added and the bollards are completed #gibraltar

I'm sad. These signs are going against Highway Code 195 that states that cars must give way to pedestrians and cyclists on the parallel crossing or waiting to cross. Please can we get the priorities fixed? JJ Thompson Avenue.

What a melancholy comparison. It’s time, lavishly & liberally, to replant street trees, widen pavements, rip out ugly lights & reclaim streets from their highways officer overlords Dickens Street, Toxteth, 1911 vs 2023 📸 via the great … [more]

10 years ago today we installed NYC's first Citi Bike station. They said that bikes would bring traffic chaos, danger & lawsuits. What happened instead was history: 178 million trips, 100k rides daily on 28k bikes, turning NYC into one of … [more]

Fosse Road North in Leicester will open to traffic in both directions on Friday morning (19 May.) BBC article

A notorious fence in the very heart of Copenhagen has been taken down after the Danish high court has ruled that a housing association doesn’t have the right to fence against public access to the waterfront. 📷 Kristian Koed Hansen … [more]

With cyclists able to get through many road closures, @OxfordshireCC has now adapted its signs to show when this is permitted and possible. @cycloxoxford @CUKOxfordshire @activetravelcaf @RantyHighwayman

Cutting edge cycle infrastructure in Swansea

Wonder what the thinking was here: Brand new cycle route: zebra crossing, pedestrian priority. Great. Road: screw you, pedestrians! Have this painted island and take your chances! Cars rule! @TheWarOnCars @RantyHighwayman … [more]

Towpaths & quietways as cycling infra - a personal thread 🧵 Seen a few debates about how much towpaths & tracks across commons etc should be relied upon as cycling infra, especially for women 🚲 Well I confronted this very issue last … [more]

Heath Street Cycleway removed today. We're sorry to all the parents whose kids can't ride home safely, we're sorry to all the riders who used Heath St as a connecting corridor & to all prospective riders who were just that bit closer to … [more]

Whoever closed Queen Charlton Lane to traffic…. Thank you! It’s bloody glorious. Bollard at: … [more]

The state of this. A pedestrian crossing at the top of Sloane Street with a major traffic junction. No pedestrian lights. This is @TfL responsibility to make safe (which it is not) @willnorman @lastnotlost @RantyHighwayman … [more]

New cycle track to Clacton from Jaywick. Used to be just that wall on the right and some sand. Now solar powered lighting ad a super smooth path lots of residents are using @Essex_CC

New cattle grids by the Mill, eliminating the decades-old tradition of awkwardly squeezing your bike through the swing gate against the flow of pedestrians

Voi e scooters neatly docked @ACarpenDigital Somewhere on Madingley Rise.

I found this road a few weeks ago when I asked satnav to get me from Prestonpans back to the A1. Seeing this sign, I looked it up and found an interesting story...

The Chisholm Trail was busy this evening…with people and birds 🌿

Thanks I hate it Deansgate

Today, the council was awarded 100,000 GBP to fund an 'options analysis' for a crossing of the A10 near the Ely BP Garage for non-motorised users. Let's hope progress on this project can now be made!

“Climate Emergency Service” 😕

@DexterJohnstone @min_esh @RuthMilsom @timhuggan Yes, why is this? The cycle path stops when you get to Sheffield. @CllrGeorge @Henry_Nottage

Cycled from Sheffield to Rotherham today, on the Rotherham side there was a protected cycle lane but Sheffield just had paint. Why is this @min_esh @RuthMilsom @timhuggan? Is there no funding available for a protected cycle lane on … [more]

Exactly 49 years ago today, Monday April 8th 1974, the experimental temporary road closures in De Beauvoir Town were made permanent to create Hackney's first low traffic neighbourhood allowing safer roads to travel and space for families to … [more]

As always, a proportion of our journey from #Tottenham into central #London had no safe #cycling infrastructure, which made sections of the route pretty hairy. Better cycling infrastructure 🚲= more active travel = healthier environment 🌎 … [more]

I hadn’t noticed before how terrible the pedestrian access is to this bit of @LondonWaterloo so busy people jump over this instead of squeezing on to the narrow pavements Anti-pedestrian surface or "deterrent" … [more]

Visited a 123 year old cycleway today… Cyclists Avenue 1900

One of the most dangerously tinted vehicles we have ever stopped!! A shocking 28% on the front windscreen and only 6% through the side windows. Location: somewhere in Staffordshire. This driver may as well have been driving with his eyes … [more]

'National Cycle Network' 🙄

What was once a traffic lane on #Coventry’s ring road now reduces severance and improves safety for people cycling. Great to see a pop up scheme made permanent, made possible with ATF funding.

Just been away after leaving my bike for 1 night at @SouthernRailUK's supposedly secure cycle store at #Brighton to find someone tried to steal my bike by anglegrinding through its rear lock damaging the frame @sussex_police … [more]

North and South lifts are not working today 😕

Here’s a photo showing our upgrade of the walking and cycling route linking Bursledon Road to @Southamptoncc Cycle Network route 3. We’ve also repositioned the streetlights and improved the signage on it. … [more]

Stockport's new interchange Bridge is kinda there. Hopefully will provide a frictionless route for walkers and wheelers between train station, bus station and town! So far I'm a fan.

Our segregated cycling route on Lancaster Road has been incredibly well received, but I’ve listened to users who feel the De Montfort Street junction could be safer - I’ve signed off a plan to improve the situation for all road users with … [more]

It looks like @StockportMBC PARC strategy (pedestrian area reallocated to car) is going ahead. I'm not convinced reallocating what little pedestrian space there is to cars is the best strategy. But the council seem convinced it's the best … [more]

@camcycle @LNethsingha @alexbeckett @Tomstukeley @borofergie Huntingdon ring road has people walking and cycling disproportionately represented in KSI injury collision data. It's not a surprise that a 77 year old would be scared off the … [more]

Glasgow's newest cycle path - a gentler version of San Francisco's Lombard Street. But where am I? Location not known exactly yet! Too new to be found on Google Lens: … [more]

Crashed car has been abandoned and is completely blocking A38 Cycle Lane in Edgbaston. No police or police cordon. @WMPolice @A38Cycleway

Cambridgeshire County Council Highways & Transport Committee debate proposal to reinstate Mill Road bus gate. Blue badge holders and taxis would be allowed to use it. The proposal was approved 8-7.

@Cambridge_Uni - when did the pavement on Philippa Fawcett Drive become a car park? Would it be ok for me to park there too or is it reserved for fellows? @camcycle

Hey @MyGlasgowCC this cycle lane at Blairdardie westbound feels like riding on snow with ice underneath, time the lane was cleared?

Leicester's London Rd cycle tracks now have new bollards. Cycling numbers have tripled along the route since 2019 ... @OweniteAdam @CHYMLeics @ActiveLeicester @Leicester_News @WeAreCyclingUK @SustransEMids @letsrideuk @LiveWellLeics … [more] [Image showing new kerb-protected cycleway under construction at the Clyde Street/Glasgow Bridge junction.]

View from the (not quite open yet) cycle path this morning. Queen's Park to Glasgow city centre route almost complete from the looks of things. Markings & street trees being added now all the way up to the river. #SouthCityWay … [more]

I'm a cyclist approaching this junction. What on earth am I supposed to do?!

Saw this on a local Facebook site (not my photo). Bike hangar broken into in order to steal bikes. Denmark Road, Carshalton.

There's a marked parking space yet the driver still feels the need to use part of the cycleway for parking. Coundon cycleway.

Amsterdam will open its huge underwater bicycle parking at Centraal Station on 26 January: local TV station AT5 was allowed to take a look inside.

Cathedral Square in Worcester seems to have become a car park. Very handy for shops and restaurants.

A thank you to @CambsCC! Work to improve signs at a Histon Guided Busway crossing has also removed an unnecessary barrier, improving the accessibility through this link.

New steps at Skelton Grange road bridge demonstrate just how inaccessible they are for so many users. @HarworthGroup putting profit before people. Profits of 94M in 2021 . New dedicated walking & cycling bridge needed here. … [more]

A former patch of green used for parking behind a multi-storey car park. Lack of provision isn’t the problem, attitude is the problem.

We had it. We lost it.

The Lawrence Hill Lido is still open for business. @BristolCouncil, do we know when this will be fixed, please? Someone made a video for BBC Bristol: … [more]

Spent an interesting time this afternoon exploring - and measuring up - the "Dutch Roundabout" in Cambridge. The things one does for leisure after a PhD with a focus on accessibility… 😅 A very brief thread… cc @RantyHighwayman @camcycle … [more]

Vale, Dame Vivienne Westwood: designer, punk, cyclist. Her London office was close to mine so I’d see her all the time going by bike. I remember spotting her red hair from afar as she circled Berkeley Square, weaving around stationary … [more]

Letter through door today. Pedestrian and cycle bridge on Kingsbury Rd to be closed from 19 December. No indication when work to be done. Major active travel route. It's on CS1. @IslingtonBC @RowChampion Used to … [more]

@WRSalford Nothing new under the sun.

If you think LTNs are new in Salford, you'd be wrong This filter has happily been in place for a few decades, without much fanfare

A road notorious for traffic congestion is about to be widened. That means that a pub opened in 1784 is about to get flattened. So sad that this is how we treat our history.

I've heard all about it, but this evening was my first time riding the new separated bike lanes on St Kilda Rd! How good! You can ride side by side having a conversation, my favourite 😍 See also #187671 for video … [more]

Glad to see the cycle parking finally installed & being used outside Commute Cafe in St Ives ( a 'toastrack' so can be removed during the Michaelmas Fair)

Scenic it may be but this is unacceptable for a major cycle route. Please can @CambsCC grit the Coton Cyclepath to the West Cambridge site? ⁦@camcycle⁩

This level of car ownership would be pitiable but understandable in a public transport desert far from amenities. But this road is on three bus routes with several more via stops at the junction at the bottom, and it’s about ten minutes … [more]

@camcycle Loved my snowy commute this morning, though the bike was really difficult to manage on side roads. Riverside cycleway through Midsummer Common was gritted and somewhat ok to ride.

@camcycle The return of the dangerous bollard on the city side of the Milton bridge.

Right London. One good thing about the weather is it lets us see in *real life* how much space the traffic really uses. This is called a ‘Sneckdown’ Your mission - if you have a vantage point - is to send me all your Sneckdown photos for … [more]

It’s Friday afternoon, so who wouldn’t want a bit of informal side street zebra action from Cardiff (Llandaff North & Whitchurch)? Three locations, four crossings.

The National Cycle Network signs finally removed from Bridge Street in Peterborough. Sad to see but a positive message from @Sustrans_East. Let’s hope @PeterboroughCC listen and create a proper cycle route once and for all. … [more]

Cambridge Congestion, Wednesday morning And the next day:

This is the solution for where the cycle path meets the road. Precise location not yet known.

The new footbridge connecting Merrick Road to Park Ave in Southall was officially launched today! The next phase will see a lift installed, as well as even better public squares opened up at either end. Great to show @willnorman around … [more]

Holy moly the cycle roundabout is nearly complete Compled view see: Going round and round see: … [more]

Another day, another 3 PCSOs are waiting to fine cyclists trying to filter safely, turning left from Hackney Road into the high-traffic sewer of Shoreditch High Street. If only there was the initiative for safe cycle infrastructure along … [more]

Cone on @BristolCouncil when will the Lawrence Hill Roundabout Underpasses be fixed? Been flooded for weeks now, is there an end in sight? @CllrJama @YassinMohamud20

@dakota158 @HounslowCycling @LBHF Further along near Chiswick Lane.

East Cambs District Council has approved a £250,000 grant to go towards a suitable crossing of Burwell Lode along the line of the National Cycle Route 11.

Cambridge Congestion, Saturday.

Hi @TrinCollCam your colleagues at @CambridgeSust have retrofitted the correct priority onto the side streets in Eddington. Please could you do the same for @CamSciencePark?

and Thursday..

1000 out of 1200 kids in this school in #Oulu, #Finland, arrive by #bicycle, even in winter. 100-150 walk, rest by ski, kicksleds and car. This day it was -17°C. @WCCCalgary2019 #WCC2019 #wintercycling Metsokangas … [more]

@David_McHardy @camcycle Same on Hills road this evening, all the way from Long road to Cherry Hinton road.

Elizabeth Way pedestrian paced the whole way, continuing onto East Rd. Elizabeth Way Bridge

Cambridge Congestion on my 9-930 commute. Arbury Road

Who on earth thought this was a good idea? Perhaps they’ll try putting one in the road next…

📌 Skehard Road access to Blackrock Greenway 📷 Photos sent to us by a member Water fountain is great addition along with the bicycle service stand.

Cardiff Council are trialling simple zebra crossings in a number of locations in Llandaff North and Whitchurch. This one has just been put in on the corner of Bishop's Rd and Merthyr Rd. Drivists on the local Facebooks are livid. … [more]

Sydney Harbour Bridge steps, morning of the Gong ride. This is why we need a bridge ramp without any further delay. After over 40 yrs campaigning, we’re really pleased with the current design 👉 and look forward to … [more]

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