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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 30 kilometres of the centre of Assen.
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Toucan crossing of hospital access road, Coventry.

Crossing hosptial access road, Coventry

Toucan crossing of a hosptial access road, Coventry.

New toucan crossing over Longport.

New toucan crossing over Longport.

A new toucan crossing replaces the former stagger pelican crossing between Burgate and Church Street.

A new toucan crossing replaces the former stagger pelican crossing between Burgate and Church Street.

The Crab & Winkle Way and National Cycle Route 1 cross to the other side of the road via this toucan crossing.

The Crab & Winkle Way and National Cycle Route 1 cross to the other side of the road via this toucan crossing.

Toucan crossing used by NCR1 over London Road.

Shared use adjacent to the A5 Watling Street.

At this junction of The Long Shoot with Watling Street the green light is only on for a few seconds.

CS1 Gipsy Street, Thornbury Toucan crossing.

CS1, Stanningley Road, Leeds CYCLE SUPERHIGHWAY ↑ Bradford 40 mins ↑ Bramley 5 mins 🚲 CS1 🚲 Kirkstall ↗︎ Use advance stop line This is a confusing mess. Dreadful to see advice to stop in the middle of a dual carriageway on a so-called … [more]

CS1, Armley Road, Leeds

CS1, Armley Road, Leeds Staggered toucan crossing

Brompton Road, Northallerton

A new shared footway alongside the rebuilt Strathaven Road dual carriageway. The bus stop layby at present doesn't have any of the usual street furniture associated with such installations, such as a sign or shelter. A toucan crossing has … [more]

The shared footway alongside the A8 approaches the bridges across the Black Cart, and cyclists are directed to cross at the toucan crossing to use the new cycle bridge. A green strip has been provided on the road, with a cycle symbol, but … [more]

More incorrect corduroy 'hazard' tactile paving on the A8 cycleway at Inchinnan. This should be of the 'cycleway' type in the foreground, and of the red pedestrian crossing type (in the correct formation) at the toucan crossing (which is … [more]

A toucan-style crossing by the AstraZeneca Travel/Logistics Hub (car/cycle park). Replaces a pedestrian crossing further north, which has been removed.

Valley Road, Route 66, Bradford

Leeds to Bradford cycle superhighway CS1, Stanningley Road, Leeds A647

A route sign for the Neilston to Barrhead cycle route on Kelburn Street. No indication of whether cyclists should use the footway or road. A toucan crossing is provided on this side of the junction.

Traffic at the Kelburn Street/Neilston Road junction. This is the nearest dropped kerb to the sign in #194605, and there are no shared-use signs further down the hill. Some sides of the crossing have toucan crossing displays, others do not, … [more]

Toucan crossing, Redcliff Hill, Bristol

Redcliff Hill, Bristol

Clarence Road, Bristol

Clarence Road, Bristol

York Road, Bristol

Toucan crossing of Hengrove Way.

Toucan Crossing across Kennishead Road, but nowhere to go once across, other than along the road.

Hengrove Way this route is part of the South Bristol Way

The South City Way cycleway now complete on Victoria Bridge. This is where it ends for now, until the section into the Merchant City via Bridgegate is built.

The most direct route to the toucan crossing across Nitshill Road is not a formal path.

A split toucan crossing across Nitshill Road.

The route across the vacant ground leads directly to the shops and the toucan crossing across Nitshill Road. This will be lost if the land is redeveloped without a formal path being formed.

Stickers stuck over the toucan crossing signal so that it is not obvious that crossing by cycle is allowed. Part of the Colleges Cycle Route on Cowcaddens Road.

Crossing Marleigh Avenue on Newmarket Road, Cambridge

The path from the new bridge across the Black Cart Water continues for a short distance on this side of the A8 before crossing to the other side where it continues all the way to the edge of Bishopton.

The path from Abbotsinch Road to Inchinnan Road at the bascule bridge. The cycleway effectively ends at the bridge and it's onto the road for Renfrew and Glasgow, although a riverside path route starts on the other side of the river that … [more]

A split toucan crossing across Abbotsinch Road to cross to the path to the bascule bridge on Inchinnan Road.

Shared footway leading to new bridge across the Black Cart Water.

Cornbrook Manchester Chester Road. This crossing should be a Toucan. Both sides of the road are a cycle lane . One is separate the other shared.

The Sighthill Bridge is reached by busy main roads with no cycle facilities, or alternatively an awkward route around the houses in Townhead. The toucan crossing across Baird Street was not working when I visited.

Cycleway adjacent to the heavily trafficked A10 Ely Road, not my cup of tea! Toucan crossing.

Was I imagining that this road got resurfaced last year? A very poor surface on a road that supposedly is the flagship Colleges Cycle Route. See #186854.

[Image taken 11.1.23] Water Lane, junction with Clifton Moor Gate. York. Context: #183195. Very disappointing this remains unresolved. Get wet feet at the start of your day or shift, on your way to school/work, etc, and you have wet feet … [more]

Traffic signals out again on Craighall Road. Not easy to see approaching traffic around the bend! The cycleway crosses here to get to the canal path at Speirs Wharf.

Incorrect corduroy 'hazard' tactile paving used on Sighthill Avenue, in contrast to the correct 'cycleway' paving mostly used on Pinkston Road. This is one of the main flagship routes in Sighthill.

Incorrect corduroy 'hazard' tactile paving used on Pinkston Road at Sighthill Avenue, in contrast to the correct 'cycleway' paving used elsewhere on Pinkston Road.

Toucan crossing of York Road, Bristol

Toucan crossing of half of Bath Road, Bristol

Toucan crossing of York Road, Bristol

A new (not even open) cycleway alongside Pinkston Road, at junction with Sighthill Avenue.

Toucan crossing on North Canal Bank Street, connecting the cycleway to the bascule bridge over the canal.

Highburgh Road, resurfaced, but awaiting reinstatement of road markings besides the stop lines for the toucan crossing.

Another planter displaced in Kelvin Way. Time for something more permanent.

Work continues on the Gorbals Street cycleway, which will form part of the South City Way. This is the toucan crossing where NCN756, the South Bank cycle route, crosses.

Contactless method of activating the crossing.

New planters, and the toucan crossing is now free from obstruction. However, the tiny 'No Entry' on the bollard on the right is incorrect because this is just the way you would pass to turn right into the Kelvingrove Art Gallery grounds.

Revised road and Bears Way cycleway layout at Allander Leisure Centre access road, which now also serves as access to a couple of residential developments. The crossing seen in #72183 has been replaced by a toucan crossing associated with … [more]

A toucan crossing on Main Street, Milngavie, where the Bears Way cycleway crosses from one side to the other, missing one of the beg button call boxes. It also took so long for the lights to change that I found a gap in traffic on this busy … [more]

Shared path signal crossing with ‘begging-button’. Prioritises cars within the sensor zone of the signal, otherwise changes immediately.

Most folk may cross without making use of the toucan crossing in Kelvin Way, but that's no reason to block the crossing with planters. This raises accessibility issues.

Press the button and look back to read when the display changes. A new crossing at the turn into Worts Causeway from Babraham Road.

A new crossing at the turn into Worts Causeway from Babraham Road.

While the two crossings on Maryhill Road are pedestrian crossings, the crossing on the Hopehill Road side of the junction is a toucan crossing.

Although Glasgow City Council has declared that closing Kelvin Way to motor vehicles is to be permanent, none of the motoring infrastructure has been removed. The railings, kerbs, bollards, parking meters, and this toucan crossing all … [more]

'Cycles only' on University Avenue, apparently.

[Image taken 23.4.22] Malton Road close to junction with New Lane, Huntington, York. A toucan crossing. Access is tricky (see: #181985) and you have to know it is here. I didn't. I only saw it existed a week ago when someone cycled over … [more]

An off-side cycle lane on Hopehill Road. I'm not sure what this is for.

Crossing of an exit from the A444 roundabout at Bermuda Park, Nuneaton

Crossing of the Bedworth Bypass on the A444 roundabout, Nuneaton

Cycle route across the middle of the A444 roundabout, Nuneaton

Crossing of Coventry Road at an exit from the A444 roundabout.

The obstructive toucan crossing with kerbs and railings on one side still remains unmodified, and none of the other problems previously noted on the Bilsland Drive cycle lanes have been resolved either.

Toucan crossing carrying the NCN26 / Strawberry Line over the A370 / Weston Road in Congresbury. The photo shows the crossing and the ramps up to the path as it continues along the embankment beside the Congresbury Yeo River. Note that the … [more]

Norton Radstock Greenway exit onto A367 Bath Road in Radstock. Although it is shared path and exits onto a shared pavement the design is not bad. There is a barrier between the path and road to prevent young children using the path from … [more]

The route sign says "Primary School" but the dropped kerb at the junction is of poor quality, with no obvious dropped kerb on the other side of the road closure in Dowanhill Street. The Colleges Route cycle lane has been made narrower and … [more]

I'm still not sure what purpose this isolated section of cycletrack is for.

Several planters on Kelvin Way have been pushed aside, some of them are obstructing the cycleway. Fly parking is occurring without enforcement.

The traffic signals poles have been damaged.

The toucan crossing midway along North Canal Bank Street has been installed, but the tactile paving is still the incorrect corduroy (hazard) rather than the cycleway type. The top surface for both the cycleway and carriageway remains to be … [more]

a cyclist leant their bike here. Only explanation

The toucan crossing across Castlebank Street at the Glasgow Harbour development is missing its red man and green cycle lights. The road surface is also badly worn.

Looking towards #173895, this is where the Loch Lomond Railway Path used to start. Now the gap in the underpass wall has been filled in and the former railway embankment demolished, so NCN7 crosses Castlebank Street using this toucan … [more]

The footway on the north side of Castlebank Street resumes, but is fenced off just west of the toucan crossing (as seen in #173896). That doesn't stop people using it, and a worn desire line is visible in the grass verge too. NCN7 crosses … [more]

The toucan crossing is used to follow the cycle route which continues on the footway of the other side of South Street, but there is a clear desire line for staying on this side. There is a short break before the footway resumes at Ferryden … [more]

The paving may be fancy, but the toucan crossing is decidedly substandard.

The staggered toucan crossing on Castlebank Street at the end of the fancy bridge from Beith Street has a rather narrow central island, made worse by the railing have taken a bit of a battering.

The council has fenced off the former cycle off-slip from the Clyde Arc bridge at the NCN75 toucan crossing. This helped those making right turns by allowing cyclists to leave the carriageway and make the turn with the assistance of the … [more]

If a gap wasn't possible opposite James Watt Street (see #173269), a cycle slip lane onto the central reservation island would be useful to enable a right turn onto the toucan crossing across the opposite carriageway to be made, and then … [more]

The lack of a connection from James Watt Street to the riverside NCN75 path and the Tradeston Bridge (visible background left) continues to make this a difficult place to cycle. A gap through the kerb and railing on the far side of the … [more]

There is no easy way to get to the start of the Sauchiehall Street cycleway at Charing Cross. From this painted lane a left turn into the motorway sliproad is required to get to the dropped kerb at the toucan crossing. There is nothing to … [more]

I noticed this dropped kerb at the Advance Stop Line box and investigated whether it was installed to aid cycling from St George's Road to the toucan crossing chain through the junction, but no, it was left over from a pedestrian crossing … [more]

Council destination sign all arms pointing the wrong way, and narrow green strip cycleway poorly implemented and signed.

Obstructive barrier on signed cycle path at toucan crossing across Menteith Avenue. What a mess!

Sighthill regeneration continues. From the width of this path, and the toucan crossings at the junction, it appears it may be a shared-use path in place of the Glasgow to Cumbernauld cycle route path that used to be here.

Another view of #172734, showing the narrow footway between the toucan crossing and the boundary fence.

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