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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 30 kilometres of the centre of Assen.
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I wonder whether if this path in Cluny Park had been maintained and upgraded to the same quality as the other paths in the same park that it would never have been allowed to be blocked by this contractor's compound.

The Shore Circular Path at Havoc Road. The sign has faded out.

The shore path at Levengrove Park.

Cycle parking at the Levengrove Park café.

Yet another temporary closure for a commercial event in Glasgow Green, closing many of the paths in the western section of the park, including NCN75. We ended up going via Monteith Row, along the northern edge of the park.

The Levern Walkway at Carlibar Road, at park entrance, and the nearest dropped kerb for cycling from the road.

Barriers across entrance to park.

Park entrance with chicane barriers and no dropped kerb.

Leaving McDiarmid Park.

LCN route signs in McDiarmid Park. The park is at the back of a big retail park which is accessed from Kelburn Street and via some steps from Blackwood Street.

The cycle route goes into McDiarmid Park.

Entrance gateway to Pollok Country Park. Protected space for pedestrians on the left, and parking and no parking signage on the right.

Signage coming into Pollok Country Park.

Entrance to Greenbank Park straight ahead, and path to the Nether Auldhouse Road crossing to the left.

Clear park entrance that aligns with local road network, allowing users to cross directly across the main road.

Bridge over Auldhouse Burn in King George V Park.

Route onto path obstructed by railing, and no dropped kerb.

The pedestrian and cycle route to the Burrell Collection branches off from the car route here, but for cycling from the carriageway involves crossing the verge.

Not everyone is going to the Burrell Collection. A desire line for a right turn at what should be a triangular junction in Pollok Country Park.

Approaching the junction with Haggs Road, at the end of the SWCW cycleway. The signals are now fully operational, but the cycle signal is not so easy to spot!

The new traffic signals, including signals for the SWCW cycleway, are now fully operational. This side includes a detector strip on the approach, for those leaving Pollok Country Park.

New bridge over stream in Pollok Country Park.

One set of cycle parking at the Burrell Collection in Pollok Country Park.

Port Dundas Basin, seen from the top of the steps to the west of Sighthill Circus. Don't be fooled into thinking this is the ramped route to avoid the steps. That diverged back at #192466, and can be seen joining the canalside from the … [more]

Port Dundas Basin, seen from the top of the steps to the west of Sighthill Circus.

The ramp to exit Knockhill Park at Bruce Road is tricky to cycle up, but this will form part of the Renfrew to Paisley cycle route once it is finished.

The view from the northern end of the Sighthill Bridge, looking along the paths to Port Dundas Basin.

Heading west from the Sighthill Bridge, along the paths to Port Dundas Basin. The path diverging to the left is step-free to the canalside.

The path from Port Dundas Basin approaching Pinkston Road. The only dropped kerbs are at the crossing at the pedestrian refuge.

The path from Pinkston Road approaching Port Dundas Basin. The path to the right is the step-free route to the canal.

The path from Port Dundas Basin leads around the corner of the basin and heads over to Pinkston Road. There is another step-free route (out of shot to the right) which leads to the Sighthill Bridge.

Park Road Gardens, Grange-over-Sands

The Provan Hall Trail at the far end of Blairtummock Park. From here the trail is signed along Easterhouse Road to Easterhouse Railway Station. The path ends at the motorway sliproad junction. The road ahead, Rogerfield Road, looks even … [more]

The Provan Hall Trail in Blairtummock Park. Once out of the park the trail appears to be signed along a variety of roads to get to Provan Hall.

Blairtummock House in Blairtummock Park. Clearly once a fine building, but now being left to rot.

One of the sets of sheltered cycle parking at the Burrell Collection in Pollok Country Park.

"Cycle only in marked lanes" Howard Park in Kilmarnock Location: , Kilmarnock (Scotland, UK)

An abandoned car blocking the entrance to Dawsholm Park.

An almost unreadable pair of route signs.

Dearne Way footpath / track. Between Darton Station and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Dearne Way footpath next to the River Dearne. This is an alternative route for cyclists to the Yorkshire Sculpture park. Roughly 2.5 miles from the southern entrance 3 miles from the main entrance.

Cyclable, but steep paths in the Park, Glagow

Kelvingrove Park being used as a car park by drivers. This is meant to be a car-free zone!

Footpath across a park in Llandudno.

Well used racks by the recreation ground on Nightingale Avenue.

No path connection between the road crossing and the entrance to Hogganfield Park. Have to bump kerb and cross grass. This is a signed walking and cycling route, the Seven Lochs Trail.

Active travel routes into and around Sighthill still closed. This is at Port Dundas Basin. Opened 2023, see #192415.

Insecure residential cycle parking.

While the painted markings tell people to cycle in the middle of the road exiting Kelvingrove Park, a railing blocks much of the width of the road ahead. However, the dead space on the other side of the railing has been used for cycle … [more]

Queen Elizabeth Park, Grantham.

A riverside path in Grantham.

A riverside path in Grantham.

Dalsholm Bridge has had its deck surface replaced by slippery, lumpy cobble stones, and if you fall off spiky railings have been fitted to the bridge's parapets.

The irregular surface remains untouched, despite work going on in the park for around two years now. See also #46958.

The drainage issues on Dalsholm Road in Dawsholm Park remain unremedied.

A gate across the road into Cuningar Loop park, passable on a standard bicycle, but the gap at the side will be problematic for non-standard bikes and for those with trailers.

The carriageway at the end of Park Drive has been claimed for a private car park, and obstructed by a lifting barrier. The sign proclaims it to be private land. This hinders cycle access to Kelvingrove Park.

Small park and entrance to Trans Pennine Trail from Vernon Road. Location: Worsbrough Bridge, Barnsley (England, UK)

Lake view from park bench.

A van parked not in a marked parking bay, but partly blocking access to the dropped kerb and the path through Yorkhill Park.

Several of the entrances to Drumchapel Park have no dropped kerbs available to leave the carriageway, and also have railings hindering access. This is one of the shorter ones. The railing on the corner of Hecla Avenue makes it too difficult … [more]

No dropped kerb at the end of the path through Yorkhill Park at Centurion Way.

Work on the path through Yorkhill Park appears to be incomplete. While work on the wall appears to have been completed to a high standard, the path is missing its top surface, and the lighting columns have been placed within the width of … [more]

Work on the path through Yorkhill Park appears to be incomplete. The surface is quite bumpy.

Work on the path through Yorkhill Park appears to have ceased.

There's a pothole in that muddy puddle, but no warning sign has been provided.

The first of the petty 'Cyclists slow down' signs in Dawsholm Park.

'Cyclists slow down' in Dawsholm Park, with barriers. The barriers have been repositioned slightly further apart, but are still overlapping, and do not conform to any standard for anti-vehicle barriers. Imagine trying to get your shopping … [more]

'Beware of cyclists' in Dawsholm Park.

'Cyclists slow down' in Dawsholm Park, with more barriers.

Barriers and signs galore in Dawsholm Park.

'Cyclists slow down' in Dawsholm Park, in case you've not noticed yet another barrier on the path.

'Beware of cyclists' in Dawsholm Park. Beware also of the nursery minibus driver who parks just around the bend forcing path users into the muddy puddle.

The path into the park is closed for works, but the diversion appears to be signed into the worksite! I used another route instead.

An abandoned Nextbike e-bike in Kelvingrove Park. A new roadway has been built connecting the park to the university exit road, in addition to the adjacent new path.

[Image taken 31.8.21] Esplanade car park, Memorial Gardens (Leeman Road), York. Adult cycle flyparked on and locked to the railings on the riverside edge of the Gardens. The motorcycle spaces are visible in the midground. There’s car … [more]

The path around the back of the pitches at Whitecrook Park is not surfaced, but leads to an entrance on North Elgin Street.

Cycle parking at the entrance to Whitecrook Park, but a metal maze to get through to get to it, unless you go around the end of the fence.

The Balgrayhill Road entrance to Springburn Park. In the background can just be made out the railing of the path from Lenzie Place down to Lenzie Terrace, but it has steps, so is of little use for cycling. So anyone cycling from here has to … [more]

Bridge over the White Cart at Pollok House.

Overgrown bushes along the path towards Pollok House from the southern side of the Pollok Estate. This was in the process of being cut back a little distance further on.

Overlapping barriers making it difficult to cycle into the park from the now shared-use footway.

Lanes for walking and cycling have been painted in various places in Kelvingrove Park, but are having little impact on where people actually walk or cycle. Not that the lack of compliance seems to cause any problems.

The cycle route through Robertson Park does not connect to anything outside the park. At this side it is the A8 Inchinnan Road.

The cycle route through Robertson Park.

A layout for learning to cycle in Robertson Park. The outdated cycle parking has been supplemented by some modern stands.

The cycle route through Robertson Park isn't the only way people want to cycle through the park.

The cycle route through Robertson Park is looking a little faded in places.

The end of McClue Avenue has been shorted and the area given over to parkland, but there's no proper dropped kerb to access the path to the left.

A flood prevention scheme has been implemented at Greenbank Park, and thus the entrances to the park have steps and ramps over the embankments that would contain any flooding. This is on the cycle route between Newlands and the Silverburn … [more]

Greenbank Park, approaching the bridge over the Auldhouse Burn.

A flood prevention scheme has been implemented at Greenbank Park, and thus the entrances to the park have steps and ramps over the embankments that would contain any flooding.

The Dumbreck Road/St Andrew's Drive/Titwood Road/Haggs Road junction outside Pollok Country Park. No sign of the proposed pop-up cycle route on St Andrew's Drive yet.

The bridge appears to be in the process of being rebuilt. UPDATE Oct 2021: A new bridge is now in place. Seen in #194074.

The track from the playing fields car park (see #170045) arrives at Guidmans Road just short of the path northwards on the other side of the road. However, the road is one-way.

From the playing fields car park, this track links to Guidmans Road and almost connects to the path network beyond.

The path from the allotments (see #170043) reaches the playing fields car park via this gate. The kerb could be lowered to make it more accessible.

While it is possible to cycle through from the allotments to the playing fields at Pollok Country Park, the path through the woods is unsurfaced and muddy in places, so won't become one of my regular routes through the park.

Path/road crossing near the Burrell Collection in Pollok Country Park.

A barrier with an asphalted path through the gap leaving the road into Pollok Park. This route leads to some quieter options for routes through the park. The notice is about reporting crimes against wildlife.

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