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This listing only shows photos within a square radius of 30 kilometres of the centre of Assen.
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Sign saying 'No Entry except cycles' for Church Street on Dumbarton Road, the lower part of which has since been covered up since there is no contraflow on Church Street at present.

'No Left Turn' covered up and 'except cycles' installed upside down! Work to do on the new traffic signals on Dumbarton Road at Church Street and Thurso Street. Plus another toucan crossing where there is no shared-use footway.

'No Left Turn' with 'except cycles' covered up, on Dumbarton Road at the foot of Church Street.

Toucan crossings springing up everywhere! Dumbarton Road at the foot of Church Street, where there are no shared-use footways. Church Street will be getting a cycle contraflow at some point, hence the covered up 'except cycles' under the … [more]

New cycleway on Milton Road, Cambridge.

Vinery Road junction with Coldham's Lane after the direction of motor traffic was changed within the last month.

No Entry for motor vehicles from Coldham's Lane into Vinery Road.

Vinery Way, after recent changes, it’s not strictly a cul-de-sac (no through road) for motor traffic, because an arm of Vinery Road comes back to Coldham’s Lane. There's a new sign to the Christadelphians Hall. Compare with the same … [more]

Eaton Road SALE contraflow opportunity for cyclists. "Except Cyclists" sign required underneath. Warning signs required on the traffic flow side.. This may require a TRO (ideally on an area wide basis) which is a lot easier than you may … [more]

More incorrect corduroy 'hazard' tactile paving on the A8 cycleway at Inchinnan. This should be of the 'cycleway' type in the foreground, and of the red pedestrian crossing type (in the correct formation) at the toucan crossing (which is … [more]

Bernard Street zebra crossing at the junction.

Titan Boulevard forms a through route for cycling from the new Clydebank riverside towards the canal at the town centre, via Hume Street visible in the background.

Limeburner Lane

Whitefriars Street, London

Except cycles in Oxendon and Panton Streets

Very narrow cycle contraflow by Derby cathedral

The road markings at this end of Thoday Street have been re-done. It looks like a better job than previously done in 2018: see #98813.

I'm a cyclist approaching this junction. What on earth am I supposed to do?!

The correct sign, No Through Road except cycles, but partially obscured by stickers.

A new street in Clydebank, Titan Boulevard, at last providing a high quality walking and cycling connection between Clydebank College and the town centre, lining up with Hume Street and Abbotsford Road to link to the canal towpath.

[Update: More recent instance of a driver stopping here: #187308.] [Image taken 8.9.22] Coppergate (Nessgate/Clifford Street end), York. I saw the new markings/the moved planter (context and links: #186045). I thought, The new markings are … [more]

[Image taken 8.9.22] Coppergate (Nessgate/Clifford Street end), York. Closeup of the markings. Context and links: #186045.

[UPDATE: December 2022: #177526] [Image taken 8.9.22] Coppergate (Nessgate/Clifford Street end), York. Context: #180531. The planter has been moved across towards the island. This means the gap to the right of it is too narrow for people on … [more]

Interesting repainting of give way markings in Oxford, reinforcing pedestrian priority in the revised Highway Code.

Anyone not turning left must leave the protected cycle lane and use the anonymous advance stop line.

Double modal filter near Clerkenwell church

[Update: #186045] [Image taken 8.6.22] Coppergate, York. Context: #180531. Permanent 'Except cycles' signs at the entrance from Nessgate. A cycle symbol is (just) visible on the tarmac just after the pedestrian crossing. Other image here … [more]

Trixi mirror, pedestrian countdown and advanced lights for cycles - all sorts of clever things.

Cycles can turn right onto Regent Street from George Street, Hinckley.

Cycles can turn left

Cycles can turn right

No Entry except residents and cyclists, heading south out of Saint-Lô

No left turn, except cycles - but the problem is that Hemingford Road has not been modified to accept contraflow cycling. See also #103577.

People make Glasgow difficult to cycle around. Another closure of McPhater Street on the Colleges Cycle Route. The parallel main road behind is not closed.

Part of Kenmure Street has been converted to cycles only to reduce through traffic, but motorists have decided to use both the walking and cycling spaces for motor vehicle parking.

Except Cycles plates have at last reappeared about a year and after I reported they were missing. See #137443.

[Image taken 25.6.21] Tanner Row, York. Despite the ‘Except cycles’ sign the driver of the white/silver car turned left. See also: #170665. Other images today see: #170661 and links.

[Image taken 25.6.21] Tanner Row, York. The driver of the white/silver car is blocking the entrance to the contraflow cycle lane. S/he is also, despite the ‘Except cycles’ sign, indicating left. See also: #170666. The diversion signs for … [more]

'No Through Road except cycles' on Dargarvel Avenue, although one sign is facing the wrong way.

Barfillan Drive is no longer a No Through Road for cycling, but the sign has not been updated. See #168302.

Damaged cycle parking stands on Jamaica Street. The "except buses, taxis & cycles" sign on the traffic signal is obscured by a sticker.

'No Turn Left except cycles' on Niddrie Road at Torrisdale Street.

The Howard Street contraflow cycle lane now has some protection from orcas, but some motorists still find ways to block it. Enforcement action seems to be missing. The traffic signals have "except cycles" signs, but no prohibition or … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] No Entry roundel and Except Cycles sign in the direction of Rougier Street from Tanner's Moat, York. Perhaps the most critical element for the permeability of the cycle network in the city. Despite the clear signage … [more]

The 'No Entry' signs at the Novar Drive Fire Path now have 'except cyclists' plates (instead of the correct 'except cycles' plates), but the 'No Through Road' signs are unchanged.

Coronation Street, Cambridge

Coronation Street, Cambridge

Norwich Street, Cambridge

Panton Street the section beyond the junction with Saxon Street on the right is now two-way for all traffic. This is to allow access to the school and university car park. Before the junction Panton Street is one way towards the camera but … [more]

Panton Street two-way for cycling at last (experimental order).

[Image taken 19.12.20] Except cycles sign installed mid-December 2020 on Clifford Street, York. As part of the covid-19 distancing measures, Coppergate was closed in the eastbound direction to all traffic except cycles. However, people on … [more]

Morven Street is a 'No Through Road except cycles' but has no access from the westbound side of Paisley Road West.

Modal filtering due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drummond Street two way cycling

Cycle contraflow on Quietway 2, Paddington

No left turn except cycles at the junction with Mill Road at the foot of the bridge.

Gwydir Street meets Mill Road, but are cycles exempt from going straight on?

The signs say mandatory right turn, but the cycleway on Sauchiehall Street is two-way, so cycles should be exempted. The signs should also be 'mandatory right turn ahead' to diagram 609, due to their position in relation to the junction.

St Peter's Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Islington - very very nice! We will definitely EXPECT CYCLES. 😀 Love that sign.

Histon Road works - 'except cycles' signs now attached to the Road Closed signs.

The pop-up contraflow cycle lane in Gordon Street, signed with temporary 'No Entry' signs, one of which has an 'except cyclists' plate below it, in place of the more usual 'except cycles'. The usual 'No Motor Vehicles' signs have been … [more]

The junction of Renfield Street and Gordon Street, with the Union Street bus gate ahead, and the pop-up contraflow cycle lane on Gordon Street to the right. Proper 'No Right Turn except cycles' signs have been used on the traffic signals, … [more]

A pop-up contraflow cycle lane has been installed on Argyle Street under Central Station, and other westbound traffic eliminated, in order to provide more space for pedestrians on the opposite footway. Temporary 'No Entry' signs have been … [more]

The pop-up contraflow cycle lane on Argyle Street at Central Station has been provided with temporary 'No Entry' signs on Argyle Street and proper 'No Right Turn except cycles' signs on the traffic signals on Union Street.

Crowland Road, Stamford Hill contraflow cycling permitted.

MAY 2020 THIS IS ADDED TO INTERACTIVE MAP #SAFESTREETSTRAFFORD Richmond Road could be a route to Altrincham centre avoiding the busy Road by using an Richmond Road contraflow opportunity … [more]

No right turn except cycles and a direction sign for Kings Road at the Palace Theatre, Newark-on-Trent, England

Altrincham Trafford near Manchester. Except Cycles sign needed here .

No entry except cycles

The 'No Through Road' sign should have been fitted with an 'except cycles' plate when the Hopehill Road closure was opened up to cycling (in background and at #108226).

'No Through Road' signs that need 'except cycles' plates, since the other end of the road is open to cycle access (see #113020).

Bolt-down cycle parking stands on the High Street, and a time-restricted exemption from the 'no entry' sign on the left.

More cars parked in the Cardonald Place Road contraflow cycle lane. When I got to the traffic signals, I waited for two pedestrian phases and still the cycle phase did not happen.

A private hire car parked on double yellow lines, in a contraflow cycle lane, and partly on the footway.

Manchester route to Wythenshae Hospital . No Entry sign needs #exceptcycles sign

OK, OK, we get it - No Entry except bikes

No entry except cycles in Oslo

Altar Lane is a no through road, except for motorcycles and cycles.

Boquhanran Road shut for roadworks at the canal bridge, but no-one seems to have seen the memo about signing the cycle access still being open.

Great to see that the area of Mill Road by the bridge has at last reopened after the fire. Shops much easier to access now.

A contraflow cycle track between Viaduct Estate Road and Bridge Street. The footway style cycle track becomes a painted lane part of the way up the ramp.

Welcome to the National Cycle Network! NCN routes 7 and 10 on the path to the left have no directional signage, just stickers, while the routes ahead - 7, 10 and not mentioned leading to 72 - have just a sign facing those coming from the … [more]

'Except Cycles' option required for the one-way section of Lacy Street between Newton Street and Lacy Grove. Contraflow cycling could be facilitated on the carriageway if parking restrictions were introduced, or on the Eastern footway as … [more]

barrierstocycling, cwisgmcc, exceptcycles,


barrierstocycling, exceptcycles, gmcc,

Norton St barrierstocycling,exceptcycles

2waygm, 2waygmtrafford, barrierstocycling, contraflowgm, contraflowtrafford, cwisgmcc, exceptcycles

2waygm, 2waygmtrafford, barrierstocycling, contraflowgm, contraflowtrafford, cwisgmcc, exceptcycles

Altrincham, Weldon Road . Recently changed to a one way street. This is a well used route by cyclists to avoid the A56 by using John Leigh Park . Now cyclists use the footpath to avoid the one way going down hill quite fast or take a … [more]

Altrincham, Weldon Road . UPDATE 5/10/19 Reported to Trafford that many car drivers drive here the wrong way down this road. Probably needs a "Change of Layout" sign to warn. Recently changed to a one way street. This is a well used route … [more]

Can “security” vans stop where ever they like? This guy claims he can, while doing so he is blocking access to Gordon St counter-way cycle lane. @GlasgowCC @polscotrpu ??

Off-road cycleway, St Andrews

Contraflow cycle route ahead

No Entry except Cycles, Dundee

Central Manchester . A short 50 yard section of Southmill Street has been made 1 way . Surely this is wide enough to allow 2 way cycling and a safer quiter route to Albert Sq.

This exception for cycling is great, but the necessary changes have not yet been implemented on Hemingford Road. Still like this at #175990.

No Entry Except Cycles, Rouen

Urgent need for more racks in Romsey.

Collier Road - with a contraflow cycle marking

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