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Cycling in Assen

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The centre of Assen. As ever this demonstrates the wide demographics of cyclists in the Netherlands.

Assen town centre. The road isn't compltely pedestrianized, however motor vehicles are not allowed here all the time. In practice this works very well for cycling.

Start of a combined cycle and car underpass. Note how the bike part doesn't go so deep as the car bit because it doesn't have to allow for high vehicles. Because of this, the gradients are less for cycles. Also note that this is a bidirecti ... [more]

Long cycle underpass which goes beneath the railway, railway station and two roads roads. The cycle path is four metres wide. For some of the distance it also has a 2 metre pavement for pedestrians, but at this end they come out in a separa ... [more]

Segregated cycle path in Assen. This would be exceptional by UK standards, with side roads giving way to the bike path etc. However, it now falls below what is required here, the tiles are a little bit rough and the width is just 3 metres. ... [more]

Bridge on cycle path in Assen. This is a very old cycle path crossing an even older bridge. The path is 3 metres wide, but narrows to a mere 2.5 metres over the bridge. This is the narrowest cycle path I've found in this area.

Part of Eliza's commute to and from school. Despite appearances, this is very much an _urban_ cycle route. It just happens to pass through one of the many small woods in Assen. The path is tarmac and very smooth and wide with no signs of ... [more]

This minor road is about to turn into a dirt track passable only by tractors... but not for cyclists, who continue to have a nice smooth tarmac surface to ride on. Watch the video to see how this work. One of the great advantages of a pr ... [more]

A view from a bridge of the canal path shown in #11713. This lovely bike path is very well used by cyclists, roller skaters etc. Upgraded in 2011. See #33320 It is the standard width of four metres wide. For a video of this path ... [more]

Another view of the bridge shown in #11525 and #11526, but with a cyclist for scale showing how wide the cycle path is: four metres.

When there isn't a cycle path, speed limits on the roads are low. The speed limit on this rural road is 50 km/h, or around 30 mph.

Following a group of "racers" into the village of Zeijen. They've been riding three abreast for as long as I've seen them with no trouble whatsoever from any traffic. The sign indicates the speed limit on all the village's roads, includi ... [more]

Yet another example of a side road giving way to a cycle path. This is the other side of the road from the sequence shown from #11773. Note how the 2.5 m wide concrete surface passes through the road. Cyclists definitely have priority he ... [more]

The cycle paths in the Netherlands are suitable for high speed riding and are well used by racing cyclists travelling at speed. They're difficult to photograph as they're difficult to keep up with. I huffed and puffed on my 3 speed to ge ... [more]

We started in Assen and now we're in the middle of Vries - almost half way to Groningen. To get here we have followed a fantastic smooth and wide cycle path to which side roads give way, and now that we're in Vries, for the first time in ma ... [more]

Cycle path going smoothly behind a garage in order to prevent cyclists having to be careful of drivers entering and leaving the garage forecourt. Note that an equivalent quality cycle path on the other side of the road is used by cyclist ... [more]

Bus stop with covered cycle parking behind in the wooden shed. It is very common for bus stops to have cycle parking, and on a work day they are very well used (this photo was taken on Sunday morning). This is part of a sequence of photo ... [more]

Arriving in Vries from Assen. We've had a journey of around 6 km so far on this superb path. The sequence of photos starts at #11773 and ends at #11778. #11776 is the next part. There is an identical path on the other side of the road fo ... [more]

Continuation of cycle path to the next town,. This is part of a sequence of photos and videos starting at #11773 and ending in #11778. #11775 is the next part. This is unidirectional, there is an identical path on the other side of the r ... [more]

Four metre wide cycle path past an industrial estate. Very wide and well used, even at the weekend. Note the racing cyclist coming in the opposite direction. People ride such bikes at speed on these paths quite freely because they are go ... [more]

An example of excellent segregation of bikes and cars on a brand new housing estate. Bikes are this side of the water, cars are the other side of the water. This cycle path is 3 metres wide. In this case, both cars and bikes are allow ... [more]

The canal is crossed by a series of lifting bridges

Segregated cycle facility... We're this side of the canal, the cars are the other side of the canal.

These arches over the cycle path appear to have been installed for no reason other than that they're nice to have.

Nice smooth tarmac cycle path through the countryside in the middle of nowhere. There is an enormous network of these. They're ideal for recreational rides.

Nice wide cycle path near recreational areas outside the city.

This very narrow road gives way to two different cycle paths within 50 metres of one another.

Excellent new cycle paths in a new housing estate providing for families to ride bikes with children in complete safety. The main cycle path is four metres wide. It is crossed by a 3 metre wide path with a 2 metre pavement alongside.

Excellent new cycle path in the standard four metre width. This path links the new development of Kloosteveen with Assen in the Netherlands. #11714 includes video near this location. This cycle path, between the new development and ... [more]

Excellent cycle path in the standard four metre width. Following from the video which gets us to this location, watch #12118 which follows on from here. This cycle path, between the new development and the city, was built with the equiva ... [more]

Nice wide path alongside the canal. There's enough space here for four bikes abreast, so if you're riding with a friend and someone else is riding with a friend in the opposite direction it doesn't cause a problem. Pedestrians and dog walke ... [more]

Cycle path alongside Het Kanaal. The road is on the opposite side of the canal behind the vegetation to the left of the image. This degree of segregation combined with excellent quality cycle paths makes cycling a pleasure. It also makes ... [more]

Crossing Het Kanaal on an excellent bridge. There are many such bridges. The bike path is on the far side of the river while the road is on the side where the camera is. There are countless bridges like this in the area and it's perhaps ... [more]

Bike path junction with road. Once you get away from this junction, excellent segregation between road and cycle path is achieved by the road being on this side of Het Kanaal (a canal), while the cycle path is on the opposite side (in the n ... [more]

Crossing the entrance / exit from a new underground carpark. Unusually, bikes give way to cars at this point, though as very few cars ever seem to be here it doesn't cause a problem. Perhaps the choice of priority is determined by driver ... [more]

This photo has been superseded by the photo and video at #12360. Bikes inside a covered mall shopping area in Assen parked outside the Albert Heijn supermarket. No-one seems to mind bikes being ridden through here. They also don't wor ... [more]

A different style of bike parking. This rack grips the wheel but is not a "wheelbender" because it grips a larger proportion of the circumference of the wheel. There is an extra arm which holds bikes more securely and allows for locking. Al ... [more]

More of Assen's bikes by the Koopmansplein. Note that the "wheelbender" type of rack shown here is quite common but does not cause the problems you might expect due to being a little larger in size than often seen in the UK. It is qui ... [more]

Bikes parked next to the Koopsmansplein in Assen. There is a similar layer of bikes all around the plein as you can see if you look closely next to the ice cream stall at the far side. Some bikes are parked at stands, but while there are a ... [more]

Entering a lower capacity street. This is a single direction bike path leading to a low speed street with on street bike lanes. The woman in the red jacket is on the wrong side of the road. Building paths as wide as they are here means t ... [more]

Brand new fully segregated path approaching a junction. Note how the entrances for driveways are kept deliberately narrow so that drivers have to take care crossing the cycle path.

New segregated provision replacing older style hybrid path. Note how plenty of room is given for overtaking, for car doors etc. and how cyclists are sensibly segregated from both pedestrians and motorists. Where the path meets a side ... [more]

New properly segregated path replacing older hybrid style provision. Also note that the road is being reduced from three lanes at this point to two.

New not yet completed cycle path replacing older "hybrid" path

You see these posts around occasionally. It reads (English first, then Dutch): This is a climate wood. These trees are at this moment busy tieing up CO2. That is desperately needed, for CO2 discharge is an important cause of climate chan ... [more]

When service vehicles (this is is for an electricity and gas supply company) need to access areas which are only accessible by bike and footpath they can do so without greatly inconveniencing cyclists too much because the paths were built w ... [more]

Sound barriers being installed along a road which is being widened in Assen. The road is being widened from 1 lane each way to 2 lanes each way. Even though the road will have only a 70 km/h speed limit (44 mph), the problem of noise fro ... [more]

Excellent bike path and pavement next to one of the Kinderboerderijen in Assen. There's some kind of donkey in that field if you look closely. This is one of our alternative routes to one of the schools and to the centre of the city.

Kinderboerderij in Assen. This is a city farm for children (and adults) to visit. Most residential areas across the country have one of these. We know of six in Assen so far. Like many such things, this is not car friendly at all. It is ... [more]

Single stage crossing of very wide road, both the road and bike path have been upgraded since the google maps imagery was created.

Four metre wide and smooth bidirectional bike path beside a very large road. Note that all cycle crossings of this road are single stage crossings.

Four metre wide, smooth bidirectional bike path next to large road.

High capacity bike path and road crossing. The priority here may not be obvious to English viewers. The Dutch expect to give way to traffic from the right at junctions like this, so priority for bikes and cars is equal.

Junction between bike paths, all some distance from roads. Note also that the grey concrete is a separate pavement. Shared use paths are not used in the Netherlands (though sometimes pedestrians do walk on bike paths). However, first go ... [more]

Fully segregated bike path in 30 km/h residential area. The path takes a more direct route than the road, and drivers in cars have to give way when the path and road cross.

Fully segregated bike path in 30 km/h residential area.

Fully segregated bike path in 30 km/h area. The road gives way to the bike path at this junction, where the path and road cross

Full segregated bike path in area with 30 km/h speed limit. This gives benefits because traffic calming can be applied to the road while cyclists continue unimpeded. At crossings, drivers give way to cyclists. Also, cyclists can ta ... [more]

Hunebed near Assen. Drenthe has quite a lot of these ancient monuments, and they're reachable easily by bike. And yes, you do seem to be allowed to climb all over them.

Cycle path crossing the entrance to a 30 kph minor road in a residential area in Assen. The road gives way to the cycle path. Note that the cycle path is raised above the road, and where the road crosses the cycle path it rises to the sa ... [more]

Traffic safety is taken very seriously at the school. It's already well in advance of that at a typical British school. No parking of cars on the pavement and a very high rate of cycling and walking. However, this is clearly something which ... [more]

Traffic safety is taken very seriously at the school. It's already well in advance of that at a typical British school. No parking of cars on the pavement and a very high rate of cycling and walking. However, this is clearly something which ... [more]

Traffic safety is taken very seriously at the school. It's already well in advance of that at a typical British school. No parking of cars on the pavement and a very high rate of cycling and walking. However, this is clearly something which ... [more]

Access roads used for very local traffic and parking are sometimes shared with cycles. This example shows how a cycle path changes into an access road. The one way restriction applies only to motorists. Cyclists can use the road in both dir ... [more]

Down a gentle slope at the biggest high-rise in Assen there is a good bike shop and watched cycle parking.

Nicely segregated path leading to the city centre.

Cycle lane separating from road at the junction. The cycle traffic light is several metres beyond the traffic light for cars, and the green for bikes comes a couple of seconds before the green for motor vehicles. This gives cyclists a head- ... [more]

Cycle path seamlessly turning into a Cycle Lane. Car parking is on the road side of the path and there is separation so that incidents with car doors should be unlikely.

Cycle path crossing a road. Cars give way to bikes in both directions.

At this point the single direction cycle path becomes bidirectional for a short section to allow more efficient use of the crossings. It's all wide, smooth etc. At this point, cars are restricted by central bollards in the road and such ... [more]

This cycle path is separated by grade from the road. It is around 2.5 m wide + a different colour section which keeps it apart laterally. At the junction it becomes more widely spaced from the road.

A cycle path crossing a road. The cars give way to cycles in both directions. This is short of Maria in Campislaan, which is parallel to the bike path on the left in this photo, by a car width so that one car at a time trying to pull out of ... [more]

Segregated cycle lane turning into a proper cycle path. This type of provision widely spaced from the road is replacing the old fashioned hybrid style lane. The video shows the same place on the 21st of December when the temperature w ... [more]

Segregated ( "hybrid") cycle lane. It's an old facility and at 2.3 m wide it is narrow. However, this is still enough to be able to pass slower cyclists within the lane. It's not that unusual to see three bikes side by side when kids are ... [more]

Cycle path junction with road and merging into segregated cycle lane. This style of "hybrid" cycle lane is old fashioned and therefore narrower than current practice. It is 2.3 metres wide.

A brand new Dutch housing estate, showing cycle paths which go everywhere. It's also very pleasantly landscaped, doesn't look crowded and doesn't prioritise cars above all else. The path is four metres wide.

Emerging from a cycle underpass. Almost central in the image on the right of the path is parking for the bus stop (but no sign as it's being redone at present). When I took this photo, I thought this path seemed perfectly smooth. There w ... [more]

Cycle and pedestrian underpass. It's wide, smooth and avoids a set of traffic lights. The cycle path is four metres wide, the pavement is 2.5 m. When I took this photo, I thought this path seemed perfectly smooth. There were a few imp ... [more]

At this point, minor access roads are linked by short sections of cycle path producing a direct route for bikes but not for cars. While it may look like the junction loses priority for bikes, it does not. The Dutch traffic laws expect both ... [more]

Dutch primary schools don't have gates. They do have very good cycle paths, though. This path is the standard width: four metres. The pavement is two metres wide. This is actually a temporary school in a new housing estate. You can se ... [more]

Cycle path in new housing estate. Full segregation where there is a 30 km/h speed limit on the road. Note that the cycle path is smoother, wider and more direct than the road and at crossings, drivers have to give way to cyclists. The cy ... [more]

Here a cycle path cross roads crosses a road. Note that the cycle path is four metres wide, smoothly surfaced and takes a direct route. The road is three metres wide, bumpy and takes an indirect route. The first crossing with a bumpy gre ... [more]

Here a well surfaced road for use only by tractors and bikes turns into an excellent cycle path through a new (and incomplete) housing estate - Kloosterveen. The path is four metres wide. There is now a much longer video showing this rou ... [more]

Typical Dutch bike path between villages. In a location like this where traffic is lighter, you will find that a bidirectional path on just one side of the road is quite common. There is, of course, attention paid wherever someone might ... [more]

Nice little country lane. It's quite difficult to find anywhere without separate provision for cyclists, but it does exist where the speed limit is low and there is virtually no traffic. This road provides access to a couple of farm buil ... [more]

Approaching a small village outside Assen on the cyclepath

Proper use of armco barriers to keep cyclists on the bike path safe. A view of this path with a cyclist for scale is shown in #11783. The path is four metres wide.

Older, but good quality bike path on the side of a relatively minor road right at the edge of Assen in the Netherlands. Four metres wide.

Bike path in Pittelo, Assen. Four metres wide, amazingly smooth and also provides for service vehicles to get to the canal.

Canal path in Assen, Netherlands. Very smooth and about 3.5 m wide. Dog walkers and runners have a separate path behind the trees to the right. A better image from close by is #11713.

'Hybrid' cycle lane provision in Groningen, Netherlands. These paths are on-road, thus giving cyclists the usual visibility and priority over sideroads, but there is some kind of physical demarcation between the cycle lane and the carriagew ... [more]

'Hybrid' cycle lane provision in Groningen, Netherlands. These paths are on-road, thus giving cyclists the usual visibility and priority over sideroads, but there is some kind of physical demarcation between the cycle lane and the carriagew ... [more]

Is this enough cycle parking I wonder? See more recent photo / video at #12825

Riding out from Groningen

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